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Jackie Gibbs has been appointed as Sevenoaks Hockey Club's umpiring development officer. Should you need any advice or support, please contact Jackie using the Contacts Page under "Umpires (Ladies)"


- Jackie


The club is very fortunate in that we have 1 Level 3 umpire (Jackie) and 3(!!!) Level 2 umpires which is extremely rare.

Peter Barker, Grant Hunt and Oli Jones.

 *** NEW RULES FOR 2012/13 ***

Dear all,


The International Hockey Federation (FIH) have announced new rules which will come into effect in England on 1st September 2012. Full details of their announcement are below:



Rules of Hockey

Based on recommendations from the FIH Rules Committee, the FIH Executive Board has agreed changes to the Rules of Hockey.


Changes to the Rules of Hockey (with reference to the numbered Rules in the 2011 edition) are as follows:


Rule 8.1: method of scoring. The way a goal is scored is amended; it now includes what is sometimes referred to as an “own goal”. That is, a goal can now be scored after the ball is touched in the circle by either an attacker or a defender. It is anticipated that the detailed text will read:

8.1 A goal is scored when:

a the ball is played by an attacker, or touches the stick or body of a defender, within the circle

b after either of these actions, the ball does not travel outside the circle before passing completely over the goal-line and under the cross-bar.

This is described as a “Mandatory Experimental Rule” so that it applies at all levels of hockey but, because it is a significant change, it will be monitored closely. After a period of review, the FIH Rules Committee will decide whether or not it becomes a permanent change to the Rules.


Rules 13.2.d and e: procedures for taking a free hit, centre pass and putting the ball back into play. The ball may now be raised intentionally and directly using a push, flick or scoop action; this action must be conducted safely. This is essentially an evolution of what is known as the “self-pass” from a free hit. By having the option to raise the ball immediately, opposing players will not have had the opportunity to get closer than five metres; a raised ball should be safer. It is anticipated that Rules 13.2 d and e will read:

d the ball is moved using a hit, push, flick or scoop

e the ball may be raised immediately using a push, flick or scoop but must not be raised intentionally using a hit.


Rules 13.2.f and g: as a consequence of the changes above, these Rules have been deleted.


The FIH have indicated that new Rules books incorporating these changes will be available in the autumn