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100 Club

Want the chance to win some money?  Want to support then club?  Then the 100 Club is a Win-Win.

The ‘100’ Club is a simple, but effective means of raising funds for The Sevenoaks Hockey Club.

Thanks to all the other 100 club supporters. Everyone else , why not sign up now? It could be you next month!!!! And if it’s not you winning at least your money goes to the club or a clubmate! 

With the purchase of a share costing only £2 per month members of the ‘100’ Club have the chance of regularly winning significant cash prizes.  There is no limit to the number of shares that can be purchased by an individual or issued by the Club so the more participants the bigger the prizes and the more money raised.

Since its inception in 2002 the ‘100’ Club has issued prizes totalling over £21,000 and raised over £16,500 for the Hockey Club.

The ‘100’ Club rules:

1. Allocation of shares is by the payment of £2 each month (payable by monthly standing order to Sevenoaks Hockey Club '100' Club) – see attached mandate. (for administration purposes this method is recommended, but payment by other means can be arranged (annual lump sum etc.)

2. Each share is numbered for ease of identification in the prize‐draws.

3. The total funds paid out as prizes during the year to be 60% of payments received (prize amounts and draw frequency to be determined by the Genera lCommittee).

4. There is no limit on the numbers of shares that can be purchased by an individual.

5. There is no limit on the number of shares that can be issued.

6. The ‘100’ Club requires a minimum of one hundred shares to be in issue to operate.

7. With all new shareholders, the share number is entered in any prize draw two weeks after the first payment is received on the ‘100’ Club account.

To enter, simply set up a monthly standing order of any multiple of £2 to:

Sevenoaks Hockey Club - 100 Club

13759698 account number

60-19-02 sort code

and our system will automatically add you into the next available draw. Please put your name as the reference.